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How to Order Wheels/Blades/Knives

Our part numbering system is designed to help make ordering easy and misunderstandings more easy to avoid. Because any cutting or perforating wheel/blade/knife can be used on any number of pieces of equipment we go primarily by the part number

Slitter Wheels/Blades/Knives are designated with a -0 after the part #  indicating that there are no teeth on the wheel.

For Example, Part # : 14936-0 is a slitter wheel . It is always helpful if the press or piece of equipment the wheel is being used with is also specified, but not necessary.

Perforating Wheels/Blades/Knives:

Are specified with three numbers separated by a dash. The first number is the wheel blank used to make the perforator wheel and describes the basic size and shape. The second number is the number of cuts per inch that the wheel will produce. The third number is the width of the tie used to make the wheel.

For example: 14936-4-.030

How to order a perforated Wheel/blade/knife

This describes the basic wheel, 14936, The number of cuts per inch desired ( 4 cuts per inch ) and the size of the ties between the cuts ( .030" wide ). The standard tie used is 0.030" wide. 
Any number of other tie widths are available on request and are easily specified using the order code.

For example: 14936-6-.040

Uses the basic wheel # 14936, 6 cuts per inch and with 0.040" wide ties between the cuts.
Description of a perforated wheel, blade, knife
Hardness of the standard wheels is 59-62 Rc with few exceptions

The Standard Tie width is .030" ( 0.76 mm)

Other tie widths are available up to .060" ( 1.5 mm ) wide at no additional charge. 

Other common ties available include:

.020", .027", .032", .034", .036" .040, .045",  .050" and .060"

Meaden Return Policy

All stocked, standard catalog Items may be returned within 30 days of invoice subject to a 10% restocking charge. All returns must be in re-sellable condition and in their original packaging. 

Open packages are not returnable. An Authorized Return Form ( ARF ) number must be issued before a return will be accepted .  Credits will be issued only after the approval of Quality Control. All product that does not meet these requirements will be returned to the customer.

No specials of any kind are returnable!  Specials made as per your instructions are not stock items, and not returnable. Examples of Specials are irregular shaped punches and dies and all special cut perforator wheels.





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Meaden Precision Printing

March 2014

We have been supplying the printing, converting, and packaging industry with products since the late 1950's.  Our products include, but are not limited to- standard punches & dies, special shaped punches & dies, crimp-locks, and perforated, slitter & score wheels / blades / knives.  We manufacture 95% of the printing items in our plant and we are also a distributor for SchoberTechnologies & Sisprint.