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SchoberTechnologies GMBH

Schober New Generation Operation Manual

Schober Spare Parts (Rings)

Schober Punches, Dies & Screws




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Schober New Generation Tooling

New Generation Tooling


  • Run 6 months to 1 year without changing a punch or die.      
    (when certain conditions are met)

  • Punch Clean HANGER FREE holes.

  • Greatly reduced Downtime .             

  • Reduced paper dust.                         

  • Engage / disengage rings quickly.      

  • Make easy and quick size changes.


Schober New Generation Tooling
Complete modules or retrofits to existing equipment

17" to 36" Circumference

Schober New Generation Tooling 17" to 36" CircumferenceSchober New Generation Tooling 17" to 36" Circumference






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Meaden Precision Printing

March 2014

We have been supplying the printing, converting, and packaging industry with products since the late 1950's.  Our products include, but are not limited to- standard punches & dies, special shaped punches & dies, crimp-locks, and perforated, slitter & score wheels / blades / knives.  We manufacture 95% of the printing items in our plant and we are also a distributor for SchoberTechnologies & Sisprint.